Truepix Sublimation Paper - 8.5"x11" 100 Sheet Pack


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TruePix is the most superior dye sublimation paper for producing mugs and other ceramic blanks with the sublimation process. A fast dry sublimation paper, and is almost completely dry to the touch by the time it prints, as opposed to higher release papers which tend to be wet initially and can take time to dry.

This means no smudging on ceramic surfaces, and you don't need to wait for the paper to dry. Plus, TruePix paper releases just the right amount of dye for the available surface area on coated ceramic surfaces. Suitable for hard surfaces, such as metals, wood, plastic, polyester.

  • 8.5" x 11" (22cm x 36cm)
  • 100 sheets
  • Suitable for hard surfaces, such as metals, wood, plastic, polyester
  • Optimized for sawgrass dye sublimation system
  • Yields constant, vibrant colors on every transfer
  • Minimizes waste ink
  • For use with EasySubli™ Inks (sold seperately)
Note: Fabrics need to be 100% polyester for the best results.