All the Heat Transfer Vinyl Tools!

All the Heat Transfer Vinyl Tools!

Have you wanted to use Heat Transfer Vinyl or Iron On Vinyl but didn't think you had all the tools to apply it.  You may just be surprised at what you can do.  

Most of us have an iron at home which will work perfectly with "Iron On" or heat transfer vinyl. We recommend one that doesn't have many holes on the plate.  You will have to work around the places with holes if not.  To adhere your vinyl to your fabric you will need to have the iron set to around 300 degrees.  This is typically around the cotton setting but will vary by each iron.  But don't worry!  There is a way to test if it is too hot.  On the corner of your clear carrier sheet, touch the iron to it.  If the carrier sheet starts to curl a bit then your iron is too hot.  Turn it down until you find the correct temperature.

The next one is a heat press as well as a Cricut EasyPress.  With your heat press you will want to follow the temperature and timing recommended for each of those.  A heat press works great for the pressure that you need as well.  Here is a link to the Heat Press we carry - Heat Press

A Cricut EasyPress is another great option.  It has a solid hot plate surface of 9 x 9 inches and also has temperature control and a built in timer.  

Did you know you could also use a hair straightener?  Yes, you read that right, a hair straightener!  As with the iron you will want to set this on a higher temperature but still do a test with the corner of the clear carrier sheet.  If it curls then it is too hot.  The straightener works great in smaller spots that has a hard to reach surface.  It is also great on small details.  You can use it on larger pieces, however, it will take quite a while since you only have about 1 x 3 inch surface to work with.

Finally, a mini craft or sewing iron works great as well.  We use ours all the time!  The Craft Iron works great in those small or hard to reach spaces.  You can find similar irons at your local department store or craft and fabric stores.  As with the other tools, test the temperature.  

Here are a few more tools that you will want to add to your collection to help with all your Iron On needs.

Heat Transfer Cover Sheet - If you are layering and any other your layers do not completely cover the first layer of vinyl you will want something protecting it from the direct heat of whatever tool you are using.  Click here (Heat Transfer Cover Sheet) to get yours.  You can also use Multi Use Paper.

Infrared Heat Gun - If you are a little unsure of the temperature, there are heat guns available that will read the temperature of whatever tool you are using.

Hard Surface - You will need a hard stable surface to use.  Each of these tools will require a little bit of pressure to make sure it adheres correctly so you will want to make sure you are working on a sturdy clear surface.

Machine Settings Guide - A copy of the Settings Guide will come in handy and is a lifesaver when you are ready to make your project.

Hopefully this helps you to know there are so many different tools that you can use with heat transfer vinyl.  Don't be scared to try, just go out there an give it a shot.  

Make sure you let us know if you have any questions about this and have fun with your projects!

Jan 15th 2018 Expressions Vinyl - JoAnn

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