Mystery Box Roundup

Mystery Box Roundup

Have you heard of the Expressions Vinyl Mystery Box? In this subscription, you receive a box every other month full of both adhesive and heat transfer vinyl, as well as a bunch of cut files to go with it! These boxes are a fantastic value and a great way to try new vinyl you might not have known about or been interested in before. Plus, the fun cut files make it easy to start crafting straight out of the box!

Here, we've gathered every Mystery Box we've ever sent, as well as our favorite projects from them, so you can see just how fun they can be! (Or so that you can look back on all the fun boxes you've received!)

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July 2019 Mystery Box

The box that started it all!

Did you know that when we first started the Mystery Boxes, we had three different subscription options*? It's true! We had an adhesive box, a heat transfer box, and a combo box where you received both kinds of vinyl. This way, people could order just what they wanted to craft with most.

As you can probably tell, the theme for this box was "Birthday!" It was full of sprinkles, balloons, glitter, and even llamas! We couldn't pick just one project to show you, so we picked all of them! Look how colorful and bright these all are! There were so many fun crafting options from this vinyl, and it was a great way to kick off the start of our Mystery Boxes!

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*DISCLAIMER: as of September 2020, we no longer offer seperate subscriptions options.
Every box is a "combo" box.

September 2019 Mystery Box

Our first fall-themed box was a hit! This box was full of all things autumn and Halloween. This month's box also followed the same format of three subscription options, so subscribers could choose adhesive, heat transfer, and combo vinyl boxes.

This pillow was designed from the heat transfer vinyl Mystery Box, and it's the perfect October decoration! This box included fun glitter, patterned, and even glow-in-the-dark heat transfer vinyl!

For this project, we started with our glow-in-the-dark EasyWeed to hide ghosts in the background, then added our black EasyWeed tree and our patterned and glitter leaves. Voila! You have an adorably spooky throw pillow!

While we all love Halloween, we can't leave out Thanksgiving! For our thankful Thanksgiving sign, we used the Fall Dahlia pattern on top of Cinnamon glitter for our bold words. For our decorative leaves, we used Amber opal adhesive vinyl and we used Oracal 651 in Orange for our Thanksgiving banner. Such a fun decoration to get you in the thankful spirit!

Our wood pumpkin was also easy to make, plus you don't have to use an electronic cutting machine, either! We started with our Buffalo Plaid pattern in Mustard, then used the Fall Dahlias pattern, Amber opal, and Cinnamon glitter adhesive vinyl to add some heart decorations.

We couldn't resist a fun Halloween sign, either, and this one is adorable! We made a border and offset using chalkboard adhesive vinyl, then used a background of This Is Halloween patterned vinyl to set the spooky vibe. Our words are made using Oracal 651 in Orange and Amber opal adhesive vinyl. Plus, our little spider is a countdown to Halloween using chalkboard adhesive. Isn't it so spooky and festive?

Click here to see the full blog and more fall inspiration!

November 2019 Mystery Box

November is a time to craft for those winter and late fall holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. This month's boxes had such fun vinyl to craft with!

One of our favorite projects was these adorable pajamas. Many families have a tradition that on Christmas Eve, everyone gets a new pair of pajamas. Why not make them yourself?!

For the striped pajamas, we used EasyWeed in Cadette Green and glitter HTV in Champagne. The buffalo plaid pajamas are made using red Stripflock Pro and our large white Buffalo Plaid patterned HTV. Finally, the third set of pajamas uses just Champagne glitter HTV for some razzle dazzle.

We also made this adorable Christmas tree frame using adhesive vinyl. We used Oramask 813 stencil vinyl as a stencil so we could paint our black background words and images. Then, we used the Snowflakes - Red and Winter Floral patterned adhesive vinyl to decorate our trees, and finished off with a border of white Buffalo Plaid - Large patterned adhesive vinyl. Such a fun and simple decoration to add to the spirit of the season!

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January 2020 Mystery Box

These boxes were wild and wonderful! We chose these bright colors to make winter seem a little less drab and to get ready for Valentine's Day! One of our favorite projects from this box was this Wild Child t-shirt. It perfectly encompasses all the brightness of this box!

This shirt is also a great lesson in layering. This shirt has five different kinds of vinyl in it: EasyWeed in Coral, EasyWeed Electric in Lime, glitter in Jade, patterned Leopard Floral, and EasyReflective in silver (not included in this box). So much layering, but so worth it!

For a project a little easier to layer, we made this adorable banner using a mix of heat transfer and adhesive vinyl. We used the Colorful Coral Stripes adhesive pattern and glitter Jade HTV to make our backgrounds, then we used EasyPSV Tropical Pink, Oracal 651 Mint and Matte Black, and Etched Glass Red adhesive vinyl to add our letters. This project is a great decoration year-round and a fun way to use heat transfer vinyl in a new way!

If you want to see all the other fun and wild projects from this box, check out the full blog here!

March 2020 Mystery Box

These boxes were the perfect introduction to all things spring! They included fun pastels, patterns, and even color-changing vinyl!

One of our favorite projects that we made from this box was this fun color-changing umbrella. The clouds and rain are made with our cold blue color-changing vinyl. As you can see here, it was pretty cold out that day! For our rainbows, we used EasyPSV in Coral Reef and Sea Glass, as well as Oracal 651 in Cream and Spring Plaid - Teal/Coral patterned adhesive vinyl. When the rain won't go away, you pull out your super cute umbrella!

Another fun project was this pillow we made using heat transfer vinyl. As much as we might love the rain, sometimes we just need it to go away! For the rainbow, we used Rainbow Coral glitter, Spring Plaid - Teal/Coral and Colorful Dots patterned HTV, and Teal EasyWeed Electric HTV. For our words, we used Lilac EasyWeed, Rainbow Coral glitter, and Teal EasyWeed Electric HTV. Overall, this is a cute pillow that will fill your home with spring, even if it's raining outside!

These projects were also a fun way to mix and match colors and patterns to make something new and creative. Click here to see more fun project made with this box!

May 2020 Mystery Box

These boxes were such a fun collaboration with My Designs In The Chaos! Michelle introduced new patterns and cut files exclusive to this month's box, and boy were they fun!

Our favorite project from this box was this fun magnet board. We used the exclusive Crazy Arrows pattern for the magnets, as well as Blue opal adhesive vinyl. For the text, we used the Boho Chic Textile 4 pattern to add some more bright colors and pizzazz on top of our Tiffany glitter and Matte Black Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl. Finally, we added our pictures and we were ready to display our best friends!

Another favorite we had was this mermaid-themed swim cover. This project used White and Lilac EasyWeed HTV, as well as Tiger Lily metal HTV. This swim cover is great for the little mermaid in your life, and it's a great way to be prepared for the summer sun!

This box had so many pretty colors and fun projects. Be sure to click here to check them out!

July 2020 Mystery Box

These Mystery Boxes featured another fun collaboration, this time with Kim from A Girl and a Glue Gun! Kim designed a new pattern for us as well as some new cut files!

This adhesive decal was one of our favorite projects because it's so easy to forget to mirror your heat transfer vinyl before cutting! For this project, we decorated our Cricut Air 2 with the new Fiery Leopard pattern, Opal orange, black Series 51, and glitter in white and orange. So many fun colors that all work together to make this adorable decal!

Another great project we made was this colorful t-shirt. Just look at those hearts! This shirt used a little bit of every piece of heat transfer vinyl in the box. There's EasyWeed in Bright Red, Melon, and Blackboard, as well as glitter Silver, Stripflock Pro Yellow, and two patterns: Tie Dye - Indigo and Fiery Leopard. So many fun colors and endless styling possibilities!

There are so many other fun projects made with this box. To view the unboxing and additional projects, click here!

September 2020 Mystery Box

The September 2020 Mystery Boxes were so fun and full of fall goodness! These boxes included so many bright oranges and reds, perfect for welcoming in the new autumn season.

This project perfectly sums up this box, in our opinion. It has all things pumpkins, fall, floral, you name it! These tea towels are great decorations to give your kitchen an extra boost of fall for the season.

Our pumpkins are made from the new Fall Plaid pattern, as well as the Mustard Floral pattern, Copper glitter, and EasyWeed Sun Yellow HTV. The flower is made with Sun Yellow and Maroon EasyWeed HTV. The autumn-themed towel used Red Metal HTV for the words, while the pumpkin-themed towel used Electric Olive EasyWeed HTV. Aren't these towels so fun? Perfect for spicing up any kitchen decor!

Another fun project is this distressed pumpkin frame. Using just two pieces of vinyl, you can have a fun fall display piece! We used the new Fall Plaid adhesive pattern for the background and added an Oracal 651 Golden Yellow pumpkin on top. So simple, but so cute!

What perfect crafts to welcome fall! To see more crafts that we made with this box, click here!

November 2020 Mystery Box

We thought it was time for another fun collaboration Mystery Box, so we teamed up with Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts for this box! She did such a great job curating this box with all things winter and Christmas!

We picked this pillow as our favorite HTV project because it perfectly captures what this box was about. This project used our Season's Greetings patterned HTV, plus Jade and Matte Green EasyWeed and Red glitter HTV! They all pair so well together and create a modern Christmas vibe.

Our favorite adhesive project is this fun color-changing mug. Whether you're attitude is "meh" during the holidays or not, this mug is sure to warm you up! We used our Red Hot color-changing vinyl to make this simple text design, and it's still one of our favorite color-changing projects!

To see more holiday projects from this box, click here!

January 2021 Mystery Box

You guessed it, this box was all about unicorns and mermaids! Jessica created this month's box, and it's pretty magical! This month is also when we ended the multiple subscription options and switched it up so that everything comes in one box.

This heat transfer project perfectly captures what this box was about. Who doesn't love mermaids, unicorns, and kitties?! This project uses EasyWeed in Vegas Gold, EasyWeed Electric in pink, and Lagoon Glitter HTV. We think they're a majestic combo! Do you know someone who could use this magical shirt?

A fun adhesive project we made was this adorable elephant mandala canvas. The weeding takes forever, but it's worth it in the end! We used Unicorn Sky patterned adhesive vinyl and it turned out so cute!

To see more magical goodness from this box, head to our blog!

March 2021 Mystery Box

This box was so fun, and perfect for spring and Easter! There were so many fun pastels in this month's box, as well as bright and happy spring colors. Plus, we even added an adhesive glitter pattern!

This adorable watering can uses the exclusive glitter Coral Floral patterned adhesive vinyl as well as glitter Coral adhesive vinyl. It turned out so cute, and now you have a spring-inspired watering can to help your plants grow!

We also had to share this cute Easter shirt because it's perfect for Easter egg hunts and activities! (And who wouldn't trade their sister for more eggs?!) We made this shirt using Charcoal EasyWeed HTV, Buttercup Yellow Sparkle HTV, and our Unicorn Sky patterned HTV. Together, these make a fun outfit for your Easter outing (and give you more motivation to find all the Easter eggs first!).

Click here to see more from this box!

May 2021 Mystery Box

This box was so groovy! The 80s theme brought out fun neons, paint splatters, and music to spice up the Mystery Box.

We thought these projects perfectly summed up the May 2021 Mystery Box! These shirt and short sets are so fun and totally radical!

For the Be Happy set, we used Wicked Purple and White EasyWeed, Cherry EasyWeed Electric, Jade glitter, and holographic Moonlight Pearl HTV. With such bright colors, it's impossible to not be happy!

For the Peace & Love set, we used Cherry EasyWeed Electric, holographic Moonlight Pearl, and our new Paint Splatter patterned HTV. How well does the new Paint Splatter pattern pair with these adorable splattered shorts we found?!

Plus, we're keepin' it old school wtih this fun car decal! This project was made using Turquoise Oracal 651 and metalized Tie Dye adhesive vinyl. Now this car will be the grooviest on the block!

To see more totally tubular projects, click here!

July 2021 Mystery Box

This month's Mystery Box was another fun collaboration! This box was curated by Alexis from Persia Lou, and it's another fun retro vibe!

The July 2021 Mystery Box had a piece of our color-changing vinyl in Cold Blue, so here you can see it in action! Alexis made these adorable tumblers using a bunch of vinyl from this box. For the tropical tumbler, she used the color-changing Cold Blue for the background, then added the exclusive Retro Rainbow patterned vinyl, EasyPSV in Cherry Blossom Pink, and Seafoam glitter adhesive vinyl. For the butterfly tumbler, Alexis used pink opal and color-changing Cold Blue adhesive vinyl for this mesmerizing design.

Alexis also made some retro wall art using canvases and heat transfer vinyl. Check out the flower power in this one! She started with a base of exclusive Retro Floral patterned HTV, then added EasyWeed Stretch in Ballerina Pink for the flower petals, Lemon Yellow EasyWeed for the center of the flower, and Light Pink Stripflock Pro for the "Flower Power" text. Overall, such a fun project (and so easy to make!).

If you want to see more inspiration from this box (as well as tutorials), click here!

September 2021 Mystery Box

The September 2021 Mystery Box was another great welcome for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! This box had some great colors and fun cut files, but here are two of our favorite projects!

As we all know, fall is Pumpkin Spice Season! The mugs for our pumpkin spice beverages were made with Oracal 631 in Brown, and our beverages were made from Oracal 651 in Nut Brown. The cream on top is Oracal 651 in Beige. The travel cup is a base of Oracal 651 in Cream, with the pumpkin and rim being Oracal 651 in Nut Brown and lid in Oracal 631 Brown. The sleeve is made from our Autumn Plaid patterned adhesive vinyl. This design turned out oh so cute and is perfect for the Pumpkin Spice fan in your life!

And how could we not choose this scary cute tote bag as our favorite heat transfer project! This Salem Broom Co. tote is perfect for grocery shopping, holding little pumpkins, and even trick-or-treating! Plus, it was so easy to make! This project used Bronze metal HTV, and it's the perfect shade for fall!

To see more fall-themed inspiration from the September 2021 Mystery Box, click here!

November 2021 Mystery Box

This box is the perfect way to get ready for Christmas! We collaborated with Kim from A Girl And A Glue Gun for this box, and she did not dissapoint! She designed three new patterns for us as well as dozens of cut files!

Our favorite heat transfer project from this box was that adorable kids apron. We used Bright Red EasyWeed for the outlines, then used Emerald glitter HTV for our letters. The background is one of the new patterns called Snowflakes. For the final touch, we added a snowflake made of Mystic Pearl HTV. This apron is ready for cookie baking and Christmas shenanigans!

Our favorite adhesive project is a bit unorthodox: it's printable! We thought these printable adhesive advent calendar stickers were too cute to pass up being on this list! These are so easy to make and great for if you don't feel like weeding multiple colors of vinyl just to get one design.

To see more fun projects and holiday inspiration from the November 2021 Mystery Box, click here!

February 2022 Mystery Box

This box is easily one of our favorites! We introduced three new patterns: Pink Terrazzo, Blue Terrazzo, and Dusty Floral. They are so gorgeous! We loved crafting with them.

Our favorite adhesive vinyl project was this welcome sign. Arilee Creative Co. did such a good job designing our cut files for this box, and this one was so funny! We used our new Blue Terrazzo patterned adhesive vinyl for our "Dogs Welcome," Light Brown Oracal 651 for "People Tolerated," and Alligator Green EasyPSV for our cute little paw print. We think these colors just go so well together!

If you know a crazy plant lady, have a green thumb, or just really like cute shirts, you'll see why we picked this as our favorite HTV project! The Pink Terrazzo patterned HTV makes the cutest little plant pots! For this project, we used Pink Terrazzo patterned HTV, Navy Twinkle HTV, Gold Confetti glitter HTV, and Cream EasyWeed for our plant pots, and Green Olive EasyWeed for our plants. We also used Coral EasyWeed Stretch for our "Crazy Plant Lady" text. We thought this turned out so cute!

To see more fun projects from the February 2022 Mystery Box, click here!

April 2022 Mystery Box

This Mystery Box was a great welcome to spring, Easter, Mother's Day and more! We introduced two new patterns: Grassy Daisies and Lemon Slices. These patterns are so bright and fun!

Our favorite heat transfer vinyl project is this adorable "Best Mom Ever" shirt. It's so colorful and would make an excellent Mother's Day gift. For the words, we used the new Grassy Daisies patterned HTV and used yellow EV Flex* for the smiley face. These two go really well together and are great colors for any time of year!

This watering can is easily our favorite adhesive vinyl project! This "Oopsy Daisy" was no accident! We used the Ombre Sunrise patterned adhesive vinyl for our flower petals, then used the exclusive glitter Grassy Daisies patterned adhesive vinyl for the center of our flower and used Oracal 651 in white for the words. Overall, this turned out so cute and we can't wait to use it to water our plants!

To see the fun projects we made with this month's box, click here!

*EV Flex is a Vinyl Club exclusive material. To purchase this product, sign up today!

June 2022 Mystery Box

This box was perfect for summer sun and patriotic fun! It included four new patterns and a bunch of red, white, and blue projects!

One of our favorite heat transfer projects were these adorable 4th of July shirts! The Siser Sparkle HTV in Silver Sword just goes with everything! Of course, having Bright Red and Sky blue EasyWeed makes our firework smiley shirt really pop.

Our favorite adhesive vinyl project from this box was definitely our Sunny Days and Ocean Waves frame! The fun secret with this project? It changes color in the sun! How perfect is that for summer?!

Our Mystery Box exclusive Pool Water pattern makes the perfect background for this fun frame, topped off with white and light blue Oracal 651 and our UV color-changing vinyl in yellow. Color-changing vinyl is so fun to work with, and we hope you got this box and got to play with it, too!

Check out the rest of our projects from this box here!

August 2022 Mystery Box

August is a fun mix of summer and fall vibes. Some days are bright and sunny, and some days might be rainy and cold. Kim at A Girl and a Glue Gun did a great job designing this box and captured the August vibe perfectly! She had bright, colorful projects as well as spooky fall projects for Halloween.

Our favorite adhesive project from this box was this adorable plant pot. Just look how well those colors go together! Kim used the Keep Growing cut file from this box and the variety of Oracal 651 colors that she put in the box: light yellow, pastel orange, lilac, and purple. So fun and retro!

And of course, who couldn't use a new tote to carry your books?! Kim really knocked this box out of the park with her cut file and pattern designs. She used her Book Addiction cut file and her new Glitch patterned heat transfer vinyl to give us the perfect tote bag!

To see more of her fun and spunky August box, click here!

Like the cut files from this box? You can grab them all here!

October 2022 Mystery Box

This box was such a fun one! We teamed up with Diana at The Girl Creative to bring you this box with FIVE exclusive patterns, and so many fun colors to work with!

Our favorite adhesive vinyl project from this box was this adorable, minimalistic U-Pick Pumpkins wood round that Diana made. It is the perfect cozy decor that'll take you through fall and even into winter. Plus, we love her Navajo pattern!

And with the changing of the seasons, you need fun new dish towels, too! We had fun using the vinyl from the Mystery Box as well as Diana's Amber Waves pattern to make this simple, yet adorable, tea towel. There were so many fun color combination possibilities in this box, it's hard to pick just a few to go together!

For more fun projects and videos from this box, click here!


November 2022 Mystery Project Box

Woah, name change! In November of 2022, we upgraded the classic Mystery Box experience to the Mystery Project Box! This upgrade came with more content, like videos and tutorials, as well as vinyl blanks included in the box! Stephanie at Crafting In The Rain was our first collaborator to create the Mystery Project Box, and she did a fabulous job! Here are our favorite projects from this box!

Our favorite adhesive project from this box was this retro Cocoa & Cookies sign. We thought Stephanie did an amazing job with this project, and we love all the fun colors and cut files she put into this box! This would be great for a hot cocoa station!

And of course, it wouldn't be a Mystery Project Box with a vinyl blank! This box included a white apron, the perfect canvas for creativity! Stephanie designed this cocoa-inspired apron, and it goes so well with the whole theme of her box. Who doesn't love a warm cup of hot chocolate in the winter?

To see more fun projects and videos from this box, click here!

December 2022 Mystery Project Box

It wouldn't be a December Mystery Project Box without fun winter-themed projects! This box was designed by us with cut files by Kim at A Girl And A glue Gun. This box came with a pillow cover, two round acrylic ornaments with ribbon, and five wooden tags with twine as the vinyl blanks; perfect for your winter holiday crafting!

Our favorite adhesive project from this box is this adorable winter shadow box made with the Snowfall pattern. It's just right for winter without being too Christmas-y. Plus the red Oracal 651 perfectly complements the cardinals featured in this pattern!

It wouldn't be a Mystery Project Box without one of our favorite projects using a blank from the box! This wreath pillow was made using the pillow cover that came in the box, as well as several sheets of heat transfer vinyl from the box, including a new pattern Winter Pine Cones. This was such a "joy" to create (get it?) and it adds a fun touch of the holiday spirit to your living space.

What was your favorite project from this month's box?

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